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Rubber, Latex, Pu, Vinyl and PVC Facts (Also in picture gallery captions)

-PVC is polyvinyl chloride a synthetic plastic which tends to be thinner, shinier and more form fitting than rubber.

-Rubber is a natural substance, the highest linking chain of terpenoids being obtained from a tree which produces the gum-like substance so predator herbivores cannot eat foliage without mouth becoming plastered shut. Since WW2 and creation of automobile rubbers have come from synthetic sources.  

-A mix of polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) at certain percentages creating products on a scale from the more textured fake leather ‘pleather’ end being PVC.

-On the same scale with PVC having a thick noticeable feel on one end Polyurethane or PU is smooth, slick, shiny and adds a close second layer of skin with similar albeit distinguishably different tactile sensations.

-Folks who enjoy this fetish enough to proclaim it publicly often call themselves ‘Rubberists’ with some men going by ‘Rubbermen’.Man in full body rubber BDSM restraint suit blindfolded in leather wiggling helplessly submissive on the floor on Oregonleatherboy Club

-Is it safe to say that ‘Rubbermen’ are pro condom? Are there bareback ‘Rubbermen’? And if this weren’t all slang so subjective would being a ‘Bareback Rubbermen’ be a oxymoron? These are things I rhetorically and now publicly ask myself. Shall we continue…..

-Rubber, latex, PVC, PU and the ilk could be a clothing fetish if the sexual attraction is related to a specific item of clothing for example rubber boots, rubber gloves.

-Rubber, latex, PVC, PU and the ilk would be more of a material fetish if it did not matter what the item was just so rubber, latex, PVC, PU are material of sexual desire.Sexy rubber wrapped man chained to wall slave is molested by kinky leather master also in latex suit on Oregonleatherboy Club

-Often rubber is used for BDSM purposes with skin tight restraining qualities used in bondage for sexual enjoyment.

-The smell of rubber plays a significant part in many peoples experience of being turned on. Often coated with chemicals which leave a distinct smell. Here is an example of how a fetish like comes about.

-Mom’s rubber gloves all wet leaves an imprint in the mind which may be just a notion until fantasized about over and over during masterbation with repetitiion causing notion to grow into fetish or kink. To me it is much like a habit that can be a healthy one or if affecting your life in negative way a bad ritual.

-All kinks and fetishes start this way for us individually. There has not been nearly enough research done largely due to the fact this is a private matter for most folks. Kinks and fetishes are not considered a mental problem if it does not cause harm to major areas of life.  Since generally not being a problem and yet considered taboo there are not as many willing people to do studies on. My notion is genetically we are inclined toward certain proclivities, but in no way does this define who we become sexually. Leave that part to your master =)rubber oregonleatherboy club archive (2)

-In modern day and since the 90’s rave scene fashion and youth culture have adopted PVC, PU, latex and shiny pimped out gear because it is sexy. 

-Mackintosh and Wellington boots, galoshes, waders, diving suits and even diapers have been added to the mix. The latter generally refers to autonepiophilia or Adult Infantile Syndrome, but not always some folks just like diaper plastic. It’s cool.

-Rubber, Latex, PVC, PU clothing and materials are ingrained within many areas of role playing. Being the substances many costumes are made of give it both mental and physical real life transformative qualities. This allows in my own words for a level up to the sexual reality and therefore enjoyment of sex. rubber oregonleatherboy club archive (2)

-Hazmats and other protective gear clothing equipment are implemented in rubber sex including police diver suits, boots worn by firemen with jacket and protective headgear getting nutted on with equal ferocity if not harder to come across in the bedroom. Or dungeon, whatever tickles your dick (or twat) (or Twix). Anyone else hungry =)

-Another variable in the subject of rubber, vinyl, PU, PVC and latex (mouthful) fetish culture at large is that many sexual toys (dildos, butt plugs), atmospheres (dungeon walls), gears or protective equipment like condoms, muzzles to protect my ears and earplugs to protect your sanity (figure it out =) are made of these materials. Basically for sanitation purposes because sexual objects get messy sometimes. This far in the conversion there needs to be no more said about that. It just goes to say that any of these kinks and fetishes are pervasive all around us which is cause for many variations of each. Much like a snowflake or sexualities are each unique, but we all have them in some form so no one should be ashamed or embarrassed. Being tactful and not committing atrocities, but no shame for being a sexual stallion or stallioness (mare’s and gelding’s too). Hooded man is forced to give fellatio and fought hard, but is hypnotized now, happy to be obedient, complacent and suck masters cock never trying to leave again like a good mindless kinky slave on Oregonleatherboy Club

-Rubber is all over the kinky spectrum also playing a part with medical fetishists. Medical gloves and especially catheters with enemas being a growing scene as klismaphilia gains in popularity. 

-Brought this up earlier a little, but to touch on it again fashion. I also run which deals with fashion and lately PU /PVC have taken over the spot of leather. Eco-conscious and moral righteousness have overtaken many collections with very enviable sexy leather blazers or jackets. To be honest I am biased because the material looks, feels and turns me on like leather until informed otherwise which softens my dick a little. Something I am working on because I love it in spirit and most designers are doing great to make materials genuine. My closet is still filled with leather, but that conversation for another day this one just to praise with a scowl those designers making it look good. Bravo!

-Shiny, Rubberist and Dressing For Pleasure are publications on the subject. Helen Henley is noted as author specific to subject of rubber fetish on Wikipedia with link in resources.


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