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Partialism is a fetish for a particular body part or morphology. There are several pre-notions to consider before examples can be given with a clear understanding.


OLB was born in 1980 the last year of Generation X before the millennial takeover of past XX years. You do the math because like all the great Divos not a day over 27. Now lets get serious most folks born after the sexual revolution of 1960’s think of sex in much more liberal and open-minded (dare I mesh them two words they are not synonyms, believe me =)


Broader More Liberal Approach To Sexual ideas Not Very Old


For us ‘under a half a decade’ olders erogenous zones are much broader than genitals and mouth. In my eyes the neck, ears, breasts and other sensitive areas due to higher than normal nerve fibers near surface of skin in those areas of body.Muscle guy with a big fine buttocks facing away from audience

Yet preoccupation with the buttocks in the early 1960’s was considered perverted both crime and mental disorder. This was punishable under the right circumstances and districts with fellatio and any sexual intercourse other than missionary position to be immoral.  The article Evolution of DSM Diagnostic & Statistical Manual sheds a more historical light on the subject if interested.

In modern times the most common fetish for men is feet known as podophilia. More so amongst straight men with dominating a submissive female, being dominated by dominatrix, spanking. anal and any position but missionary being most common kinks. Light bondage is considered acceptable with the number two fetish for straight men is having female use sex toys on him.  Pretty nild with some barely considered odd in this day and age.


If Body Part Is More Arousing Than Genital Stimulation

Muscle guy with a big fine buttocks facing away from audience

Mazophilia is a breast fetish or pygophilia a buttocks.  Here are some other posts I wrote on the subject 

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Lets get more conclusive about this because these are statistics in one of the more vast surveys on subject. What really makes it a fetish? Plain & not really simple at all here goes: if that body part draws more attention by being more arousing than genital stimulation.


What Really Makes It A Fetish?


Most guys whom enjoy females sexually like breasts. They are great!! Some dudes treat boobs like Pepe Le Pew obsesses over that cat who always gets a stripe painted down her back. Like if face is not plastered in between huge knockers blowing raspberries there are men who cannot produce erection.


Proclivity Toward Our Personal Sexual Pinnacle Is Normal & Natural


Thi proclivity toward a individual personal (like a snowflake) sexual pinnacle which is ingrained in our genetics. Passed on from our ancient ancestors with equal blame on our childhood. The real culprit of the matter is not a bad thing at all. When we continually practice this extra level of erotic fulfillment much like a drug our body gets conditioned.Black and white leathermen guarding another mans beautiful big butt

In my eyes humans are species that whether of faith or none it is of lives volition that we thrive. Perfecting our skills to achieve happiness or whatever. Evolution places procreation most important next to eating and sleeping. Nature forces man and women to perfect the sexuality which has kept our race alive.

All of the rules in place involving ‘missionary’ or being a pervert put in place by missionaries of the church. Go figure? This diversion of perfecting our naturally evolved sexual self into a one size fits all nuclear family repressed. Depression, mental illness, addiction and rage are the result of trying to fit a enormous circle into such a small close minded box.

Co-morbidity is having an interest in more than one fetish.

Podophilia or Foot Fetish by OLB

People Are Kinky Creatures Since Dawn of Sexuality.  So forever


The truth is these fetish and kinks have been practiced the whole time since the start of it all. Behind closed doors in private with the stamp of shame still marked on every other minute of life. Oculophilia a fetish for eyeballs still found eyes to lick while the alvinophilia with cross morbidity nasophilia sticks his nose in someones bellybutton.

Not About Gratification As Much As Acceptance


This stress of maschalagnia or armpit fetish kept secret with major effects on mental and physical health. Shaving ten or twenty years off of a life less lived. Of course I am a Scorpio and sex is important to me and anyone who has ever had sex with me =) It is not necessarily the gratification that is important so much as us being ok with our own self.

Enough of the pep talk this is just an important concept to get across. Partialism and fetishism were merged together in the DSM 5 but before that considered separate disorders. According to the American Psychiatric Association whom write the DSM or Diagnostics & Statistics Manuel on diagnosing neither are considered a mental illness or disorder unless meeting the criteria:

1.Lasts for longer than 6 months

2. Is main sexual arousal causing orgasm other than genital sex

3. Most important if it cause distress in any major area of life such as employment or relationships. Or causes harm to another person.

Straight, gay and bisexual folks all have fetish and kinks equally. Gays are more likely to be open about the subject and also practice co-morbidity. So partialism is an umbrella term for sub-categories like:

Podophilia Foot fetish Foot
Oculophilia   Eye fetish Eye
Maschalagnia   Armpit fetish Armpits
Mazophilia  Breast fetish Breasts
Pygophilia    Buttocks fetish Buttocks
Nasophilia    Nose fetish Nose
Trichophilia    Hair fetish Hair
Alvinophilia    Navel/Belly button fetish Navel
Alvinolagnia     Belly/Stomach fetish Belly
Cheirophilia     Hand fetish Hands
Crurophilia   Leg fetish Legs


There are other similar kinks like feeding fetish in which partner feeds in order to make obese willing male or female. Another branch on the tree of partialism is acrotomophilia gets off with amputees or abasiophilia is directed toward mobile impairment.




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