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Being sexually aroused by unconsciousness

First use of the word was by sexologist John Money in 1986 when describing a condition of the ‘marauding-predatory type’ which got off by having sex with something unable to assert any control over situation.

Times Have Changed With Views Progressing In Favor Of Healthy Consensual Sex Between Adults No Matter How Atypical

Since 1986 this has been deemed a perfectly atypical sexual practice between consensual adults.  Often just role playing and pretending to be sleeping.   Other times real chloroform is used which can be a dangerous practice for the inexperienced.

Even more so than regular BDSM bondage a person can suffocate very easily.  The practice is not condoned or suggested by OLB which is a reason for so many pictures.  Building up steam requires letting some loose before exploding.

Somnophilia Categorized With Group with Kleptophilia; Left Unchecked Progresses To Necrophilia

In his analysis using my words the progression of ‘somnophilia in a individual if left unchecked would have necrophilia at the finish line.

A member of the not so elite group of ‘stealth and stealing’ paraphilias such as kleptolagnia (also known as kleptophilia)

Klepto=to steal 

 Lagnia= Sexual Excitement

I read  articles about John Money whom I had never heard of.  In general he did more good than bad in the world.  Opinions that did not run parallel with my own nor with each other. 

Views On Gender Are Stellar And Progressive

The ideas Money has in regards to sexual identity and gender assigning are pretty stellar in regards to equality.  On the other hand the radical sexologist points toward pedophilia seem to be a constant forced theme within all his work

This would not be such a big deal to me , except for two things:

Sometimes he does not elude to it  and yet it comes out subtly.  This is a personal opinion my instincts tell me if a person is not outright saying something it is a bigger deal to them than let on.

Subjects like pedophilia can never be subtle, like ‘rape’ or ‘murder’ there is no where to hide them in a sentence.

Subjects like pedophilia can never be subtle, like ‘rape’ or ‘murder’ there is no where to hide them in a sentence.  In a 3,000 page novel what words would you remember ‘the’ ‘couch’ ‘sociopath’?  Yes of course couch I am tired also sorry for rambling.

2.  Money had an opinion on incest that there are two types.  An aggressive form in which a stranger would abduct, cause victim to be incoherent, undress and have sexual release.  Often the victim was brought back to a conscious state right afterwards.

Pedophilia had a second incestual element between a parent with an overabundance of love for their child which is represented sexually.Keeping those positive view of incestual pedophilia until his death in 2006.  Not that there is one atrocity worse than the other, but isn’t that the wort kind of either of those paraphilias?


John Money’s Views On Incestual Pedophilia Differ Greatly From My Own

OLB wants to present the truth of the subjects of kink and fetish.  There are things that personally my audience may agree  or not agree with on these taboo uncomfortable topics, but OLB thinks this is fucking gross.  Enough said.






Linking Somnophilia with Incest and Pedophilia Doesn’t Make Sense

Furthermore the reason this was brought up aside form John Money coining the term goes deeper.  Aside from the correlation with kleptophilia which makes complete sense to me.  The sexologist and Psychologist also linked somnophilia with incest which does not.

John Money coined both the term ‘Somnophilia’ and ‘Mindbody’

There are no reports to confirm the correlation.  If the majority of the cases are strangers being abducted it would seem the chances of abducting someone who was unknown to us yet related.    His work was not flawless nor his character, but he coined ‘Somnophilia’.  Just as a fun fact he coined the term ‘mindbody’ also.

John Money’s views pointed in one direction there are many elements to somnophilia.  For some kinksters the kidnap and over powering may be the turn on.  Other folks completely get off with the eyes.  A persons eyes go glazed fading into a dreamy submissive blank which usually closes the lids.

Bonus feature being when the eyes stay open in a blank stare with the victim completely controllable.

That is not necessarily somnophilia, but could be considered such.  Either way it turned me on =)

Somnophilia has close ties with Agalmatophilia which is an attraction and sexual interest with statues, dolls or the ilk.  When a person is unconscious they are nothing, but a moveable piece of furniture.  Objectified and loving it as any consensual partner hopefully finds happiness this way also..

Some folks like to objectify another into a perfect objects getting off on having such power.  Other folks like to be turned into footstools or midless dicksuckers.  Even a third party joins in because that is what gets them their jollies.  Like snowflakes not one kink or orgy is the same.  

Disclaimer:  As much as OLB adores these fellas I am not any of them nor own rights to them.  If anyone asks me to remove anything for any reason it will be done.  Thank you!!  Enjoy!!

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